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What to expect from your animals treatment...
Both a horse and dog consultation usually last around 45 minutes to an hour. Both are performed in a similar process and have 6 stages:
Client History and information taking: A history will be taken from the owner to better understand home environment, current exercise regimes, medication, previous conditions and how the animal is in general.
Observation and Gait Analysis: A video may be taken to later be slowed and analysed, and is very useful for comparison between treatments. The animal will be watched walking and trotting in a straight line, on bends and performing tasks such as sit, reversing, circles or ridden exercises.
Palpation: Having a good feel of all major muscle groups, alignments of pelvis and poll and comparison between limbs in order to assess and provide a successful treatment.
Treatment: This will involve a full body massage and stretch with the use of appropriate physiotherapeutic equipment dependent on the animals needs.
Home advice and exercises: A chance to be given some homework! Exercises are given to the owner to help aid the rehabilitation of the patient, and usually these are incorporated into the everyday life of the animal and owner.
Questions: A chance for you to ask some questions about anything you wish!
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