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Veterinary Referral

It's simple.... don't worry!!

The Veterinary Surgery (Exemption) Order – 1962
The Veterinary Surgery (Exemption) Order of 1962 allows for the treatment of animals by physiotherapy provided that the animal has first been seen by a veterinary surgeon who has diagnosed the condition and decided that it should be treated by physiotherapy under his/her direction. Physiotherapy or physical therapy is seen as a manipulative therapy and this exemption includes osteopathy, massage therapy and chiropractic, and McTimoney animal manipulation therapy. All physiotherapy work undertaken must be under veterinary referral. 
Jemma strictly adheres to working under Veterinary Referral from the animals registered Vets. This is sought prior to any treatment performed, along with a full animal history.
How to obtain Veterinary Referral?
Very simple. As long as you animal has been seen by a Vet, even for a routine vaccination, this shouldn't be a problem. Either print out and take to your vet or email your vet the Veterinary Referral Form which is available to download above. Jemma is happy to obtain this document from your vet, all you need to do is ask! A full animal history is required with this form so that Jemma is aware of any medical background your animal may have. 
What you as a client need to do to get your animal treated with physiotherapy?
  • Contact Jemma
  • Jemma will take all yours and your animals details, contact your vets for referral and a history and possibly book an appointment with you there and then!
  • Sit back and relax knowing your animal is in safe hands and Jemma will do the best for them!
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