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Shanara - 15.3hh Mare ID x

Jemma's own horse who has made it to the fabulous age of 20 odd years old suffered a drop in performance at the start of the 2016. Noticing her starting to struggle with the more advanced dressage moves such as collection and lateral work and an increasing stiffness coming out of her stable in the morning through the Winter months, Jemma stopped competing her at Medium Level. After a vet visit and the conformation that it was likely to be osteoarthritis of the hock joint, Jemma did much research into the different treatments available. 

Starting a rehabilitation programme alongside regular physiotherapy treatments was key to ensure all musculature was as healthy as possible. This involved regular stretching, treatments of red light phototherapy and PEMF and correct work on the lunge, when being schooled and out hacking. Weight management was critical and the use of good joint nutraceutical - Nutraquin Plus made a massive difference. Magnetic hock boots and back-on-track boots aided pre warm up treatments and ensured joints didn't get cold through out the winter months. Shanara also had muscle atrophy in the right saddle region, probably through compensation which was another area to work on.

A few months on and Jemma noticed Shanara beginning to behave like a youngster again. Her hindlimb muscle mass had increased and tone improved. Her hock and stifle range of motion (ROM) has increased and her fitness has improved. Jemma is now about to start competing her again.

Jemma Cooper has been hard at work writing an article for Animal Therapy Magazine about Conservative Management of Cruciate Disease! Check out her article below:
Chad relaxing after his ultrasound
Chad - 12 yr old Pomeranian 
Chad began physiotherapy sessions with Jemma at the end of November 2016 after undergoing a FHNE (femoral head and neck excision) at the beginning of November due to his femoral head being luxated cranially and dorsally. After manipulation under general anaesthetic to reduce the luxation, the femoral head would not remain in place, so it was decided that surgery was the only viable option.
Chad presented with a 10/10 lameness, with his leg held in a very flexed position, and due to being the strong willed character he is, thought he managed much better on 3 legs than 4! The vet was worried about fibrosis of the musculature surrounding the 'hip joint' and quadriceps, so gave us a time limit of 6 weeks to get Chad to use his leg again. Chad received bi- weekly ultrasound treatments on his quadriceps due to contracture and muscle bundles/ knots for the first two weeks, with regular stretching and home exercises for his lovely owner to have fun with. It was decided to give him some hydrotherapy because he could 'cheat' so well with his exercises on land, which really got things moving. 7 weeks on, he is now using his leg 70% of the time. Fingers crossed soon he'll be using it 100% of the time and we can work on building up that muscle! We'll keep you posted!!
UPDATE: Chad is now doing very well indeed! He has gained function of his hind limb and is using it well. He has now completed his physiotherapy treatment and continues to lead a very normal life. GO CHAD!!!
Chad's Left Hind 7 weeks on and weight bearing.
Taz - 13 yrs old SBT
This lovely little man Taz had an unfortunate mishap and herniated four spinal discs losing all function of his hindlimbs except for his deep pain reflexes. Luckily his amazing owners were able to take him for referral surgery and he's back on the mend and shown great improvement since. He has had his first physiotherapy session with Jemma on 21st August and received some red light photo-therapy treatment, correcting forelimb compensatory issues, hind limb stimulation and ensuring his exercises are correct for his current capabilities. Jemma was also able to check and treat a pressure sore he gained while in hospital as being a RVN wounds is something she commonly deals with on a daily basis! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for the little guy, we'll keep you updated with his progress!
Posing and showing off his scar!
Lovely reaction following treatment
Cooper - 9 yr old Great Dane
Falling asleep during his treatment!
Cooper, at a whopping 88 kg proves that physiotherapy can be applied to any shape or sized animal! He suffers with hind limb ataxia meaning that he has reduced  feeling and function in his back legs and has poor proprioception. His owner has seen a massive improvement in his comfort and gait since starting his physiotherapy treatments and he continues to have regular visits to maintain and improve his muscular compensatory issues and stimulate hind limb response. With a home exercise plan and acupuncture visits from Sara Croll MRCVS we are slowing down the degenerative condition by keeping the muscles functioning, nerves stimulated and Cooper as pain free as possible.


"Jemma from JCB animal physio provided an excellent, professional, friendly and very effective service. My horse is a 4 year old sports horse who was stiff on the left rein and not happy to move forwards. Soon after Jemma had assessed and treated her she was much more supple, happy to work and moved forwards freely. She still feels amazing to ride a few weeks after the treatment.
Jemma spent a long time working on my horse and gave her the time she needed to really settle and get the best out of the treatment. She also gave me some simple exercises to do to help keep my horse supple and answered all of my questions in a way which I could easily understand. I cannot recommend her enough and will definitely be using her in the future." - Sarah, South Wales
Before Treatment
After treatment
2 weeks later                     Beginning
6-8 weeks later
"I can't thank Jemma enough for the wonderful work she has done with my mare. Lyra's top line has developed so much since Jemma started working with her. Her new, fabulous top line and muscle development is proof of Jemma's amazing skills in animal physiotherapy- Lyra would not have developed this muscle had she not felt comfortable in using them correctly. I've tried hard for the past two years to get the top line on her that she needs (being a ex-race, ex-polo pony) and Jemma's treatments over the last two months have worked wonders! I cannot recommend this lady enough! All I can say is thank you and I look forward to continuing working with you!" - Kate, Bridgend
"My 6 year old King Charles Cavalier, Flame was struggling to jump and utilise his back legs efficiently.
After having Flame checked over by the vet, I was recommended to try physiotherapy (to help relieve his tight back muscles and strengthen his hind legs). Jemma from JCB Animal Physio was very professional and explained every step pf his treatment. After a couple of sessions Flame is 'puppy-like' again.  I cannot believe the difference in him.
I would highly recommend Jemma from JCB Animal Physio and would certainly contact her in the future." - Amanda - Newport
Flame enjoying his Red Light Phototherapy treatment
Jemma Cooper has been hard at work writing an article for Animal Therapy Magazine about two unusual cases she has been treating! Check out her article below:
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