"My 6 year old King Charles Cavalier, Flame was struggling to jump and utilise his back legs efficiently.
After having Flame checked over by the vet, I was recommended to try physiotherapy (to help relieve his tight back muscles and strengthen his hind legs). Jemma from JCB Animal Physio was very professional and explained every step pf his treatment. After a couple of sessions Flame is 'puppy-like' again.  I cannot believe the difference in him.
I would highly recommend Jemma from JCB Animal Physio and would certainly contact her in the future." - Amanda - Newport
Flame enjoying his Red Light Phototherapy treatment


"Jemma from JCB animal physio provided an excellent, professional, friendly and very effective service. My horse is a 4 year old sports horse who was stiff on the left rein and not happy to move forwards. Soon after Jemma had assessed and treated her she was much more supple, happy to work and moved forwards freely. She still feels amazing to ride a few weeks after the treatment.
Jemma spent a long time working on my horse and gave her the time she needed to really settle and get the best out of the treatment. She also gave me some simple exercises to do to help keep my horse supple and answered all of my questions in a way which I could easily understand. I cannot recommend her enough and will definitely be using her in the future." - Sarah, South Wales
Before Treatment
After treatment
2 weeks later                     Beginning
6-8 weeks later
"I can't thank Jemma enough for the wonderful work she has done with my mare. Lyra's top line has developed so much since Jemma started working with her. Her new, fabulous top line and muscle development is proof of Jemma's amazing skills in animal physiotherapy- Lyra would not have developed this muscle had she not felt comfortable in using them correctly. I've tried hard for the past two years to get the top line on her that she needs (being a ex-race, ex-polo pony) and Jemma's treatments over the last two months have worked wonders! I cannot recommend this lady enough! All I can say is thank you and I look forward to continuing working with you!" - Kate, Bridgend